UBER Bali: What Is The Best Ride Sharing App?

I´m Denis and I’m here to write about UBER in Bali. UBER is, of course, one of the most popular ride sharing services in the Western World. As such, you may be wondering about using UBER in Bali for taking a ride or even using Bali UBER for your sightseeing? When should you use a taxi UBER in Bali to get around? And most important: Is UBER banned in Bali and if so, are there any alternatives?

For the question of whether you can use UBER in Indonesia Bali, the answer is… sort of. UBER used to operate in Bali although there was a lot of opposition from the local taxi industry. The app was launched in Bali in 2015 but due to controversy was temporarily banned in 2016 along with other ride sharing apps. Today, you will find ride sharing apps such as: Grab, GoJek and MAXIM operating in Bali, although you will not see any UBER cars anymore. This is because Grab, which is a hugely popular ride sharing service throughout southeast Asia, bought UBER Bali and all its related services in 2018.

So, what are the best alternatives to UBER Bali? There are many popular ride sharing apps in Bali, while GoJek offers similar services with motorcycles , while with MAXIM, you are able to order a taxi and other transportation. There is also the Blue Bird Taxi Service and other local taxis services available. Keep in mind that ride sharing services and taxis are best used when you need a quick and easy ride to your destination. If renting a car in Bali for your island sightseeing is an option, read my Rent-A-Car guide. For exploring Bali and experiencing all it has to offer, a private local driver is always a better choice.

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What Does an UBER Cost In Bali?

If you are considering either taking a taxi or using a ride share app like UBER for Bali you should examine the pricing structure.

The base price for an UBER trip in Bali was IDR 7,000, with an additional IDR 2,200 per km or IDR 400 per minute. In comparison, the average taxi price also starts at IDR 7,000 but has an additional IDR 6,500-10,000 per km or IDR 4,000 per minute. While the base tariff for an UBER taxi in Bali was the same as an average taxi, the UBER price Bali per distance and time taken made it a considerably cheaper option.

While UBER app itself is no longer available on our island, other ride share services such as MAXIM or GoJek Bali will offer similar rates to UBER Bali pricing. For example, GoJek also offers a base fare of IDR 7,000 with an additional IDR 4,200 per km and IDR 400 per minute. If traveling from Denpasar Airport, you will most likely be looking at IDR 44,000 to Kuta, IDR 67,000 to Seminyak and IDR 234,000 to Ubud. In comparison, a taxi from Denpasar Airport will usually cost IDR 65,000 to Kuta, IDR 100,000 to Seminyak and IDR 350,000 to Ubud.

In comparing these rates, it is easy to see why ride sharing apps are more popular. You may be able to save even more with promo codes for all ridesharing apps, similar to a UBER Bali promo code. Check with the ride share service you sign up with to see if they offer any discounts for new customers or for using their service regularly.

  • Does UBER exist in Bali Indonesia?
    UBER was introduced in Bali in 2015 but briefly banned in 2016. In 2018 UBER sold all its Bali operations to Grab, who have become the most popular ride sharing app in the region.
  • What are the UBER rates in Bali?
    UBER had a base rate of IDR 7,000, with an additional IDR 2,200 per km or IDR 400 per minute. Taxis and other ride share services like GoJek have the same base rate, but other cab servcies are considerably more expensive per distance and journey time. MAXIM and GoJek both have similar rates.

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Does UBER In Bali Work For Sightseeing?

If you are considering an UBER like service for your trip in Bali to explore the island, there are some limitations. Like all ridesharing apps an UBER transport in Bali is great for getting from one place to another quickly and at a low price. However, an UBER driver in Bali is only paid to take you to your destination and is not paid to be a tour guide. In the end, UBER Bali sightseeing, along with its obvious replacement, is only useful if you are familiar with the island and its locations, and just want to get there as quickly and cheaply as possible. Please always keep in mind that in some cases - you are even not able to directly drive to the desired destination, as some areas do not allow ridesharing taxis to enter.

Still the best way and highly recommended way to explore Bali is by hiring an experienced English-speaking local driver and tour guide like me.
Local drivers offer affordable daily rates for their services and will take you anywhere you want for however long you wish to book them for. Private drivers have excellent in depth knowledge of the island and so make great tour guides who can show you the best places to see and experience in Bali. For a much more relaxed and personal way to explore Bali, always choose a private local driver over a taxi or ride sharing service.

  • Should I take an UBER to make a sightseeing trip on Bali?
    Ride sharing apps like UBER are useful if you want to get somewhere cheaply and quickly. However, they are not a suitable choice for sightseeing in Bali. If you want an affordable, laid back and enjoyable way to explore Bali then it is always best to hire a private local driver.

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