Balis Elephant Parks And Safaris Guide.

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Today, I will discuss some of the best places to see elephants in Bali. While elephants are not native to Bali, there are many places where you can see them, feed them, get up close to them and even ride them. Visiting an elephant park is a unique experience that lets you safely interact with these gentle giants in an environment designed to simulate their natural habitat. Because there are so many elephant parks and safaris on the island of Bali, you want to be sure that the ones you visit are worth your time and money. So let us look at what you can expect when visiting an elephant park in Bali.

What you get when visiting an elephant safari park can vary quite a lot between parks.

Here are some of the most recommended options for an elephant tour in Bali and what they have to offer:

  • Mason Elephant Park
  • This park includes treetop walkways where you can observe the elephants in their free roaming areas. Activities include hand feeding, washing and bathing the elephants, elephant rides and an exclusive night safari trek with dinner included. The park is approximately 40km (70 minutes by vehicle) north from Denpasar.
  • Bali Safari Park
  • This massive park features over 100 animal species. The Elephant Back Safari package allows you to get up close and personal with the elephants with a ride around an African-themed bushveld. The park is approximately 25km north-east of Denpasar and will take about 35 minutes by vehicle.
  • Bali Zoo
  • The zoo offers a number of fun and educational elephant encounters. The Elephant Mud Fun package allows you to experience the elephant’s bathing habits as well as washing and feeding them. The Elephant Expedition tour allows you to enjoy a unique elephant ride in Bali exploring the jungle tropics. The zoo is approximately 15km north-east of Denpasar (approximately 25 minutes by vehicle).
  • Bali Elephant Ride
  • One of the most popular safari tours for an elephant ride in Ubud, this Bali elephant tour will let you explore the natural beauty of the region from high up. The tour, which includes lunch, will take you around the various rice paddies, villages and jungles of Ubud. Tour offices are located in Denpasar, just 10 minutes (5 km) south of the city centre.

All these parks and safaris feature options for riding elephants in Bali, as well as other close encounters with the animals.

  • What are the best Bali parks to ride elephants?
    We recommend Mason Elephant Park, Bali Safari Park, Bali Zoo and Bali Elephant Ride as the best places to experience riding elephants.
  • What are the average Bali elephant park entrance fees?
    General admission to parks is usually between IDR 300,000 and 400,000, although elephant tour packages can be valued at IDR 1,200,000. To find exact prices check on the individual park website.
  • How much time do I need to make a Bali elephant park tour?
    It is best to book tours at least a few days in advance. Allow yourself a day to enjoy the tour to its fullest.
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Wash Elephants at the Mason Adventure Bali

Elephant Park Bali And Mason Adventure Tour.

One of the most popular and recommended elephant parks in Bali is the Mason Adventure and Elephant Park in Ubud. Since 1997 the Mason Elephant Park has been providing a sanctuary for 32 Sumatran elephants whose natural habitat has been devastated by poaching and deforestation. The park size is 4 hectares and has been designed to mimic the natural habitat that these elephants come from. The park has won numerous awards over the years for its facilities, accommodations and range of activities, and is arguably the most well-regarded elephant sanctuary in Bali.

The Mason Elephant Park provides many opportunities to see and interact with the elephants. The elephants have free roaming areas around the park where you can view these giants, as well as a treetop walkway to give you a birds-eye view. There are several activities that allow you to interact with the elephants. There’s the Jumbo Wash where you can scrub and clean the elephants in their daily grooming. The Elephant Bathe is where you can ride the elephants as they enjoy a bath in the waters of the lake. There’s also a Safari Ride (and exclusive Night Safari at twilight) on elephant back through the cool Taro jungle.

In addition to the park itself, there is the award-winning Elephant Park Lodge featuring luxury accommodation with tranquil garden views not far from the elephants. The park is part of the Mason Adventures company, a tour company founded in 1985, that also offers activities such as white-water rafting, helicopter tours, hiking treks through the Balinese hinterland and more. With over 30 years of experience, the company is dedicated to ensuring their activities are safe, ethical and ultimately enjoyable for everyone.

If you are concerned about how the elephants are treated then you can be assured that Mason Elephant Park was the first to receive the Gold Certification from the Asian Captive Elephants Standards. In addition, this elephant sanctuary has received Gold Accreditation in over 190 areas of criteria including elephant welfare, staff and camp management, visitor safety and more.
The park ensures that the elephants are well cared for, right down to the park’s location simulating the elephant’s original habitat.

  • What is the price for entrance at Mason Adventure Elephant Park?
    Entry to the park costs IDR 395,000 per adult and 240,000 per child. Packages for Safari Ride, Jumbo Wash, Lake Bathe and Night Safari cost between IDR 900,000 and 1,600,000 with admission included.
  • Can kids ride the elephants at Mason Adventure Elephant Park?
    A Kid’s Mini Ride package is available valued at IDR 495,000 per child and 275,000 per infant.
  • Is there any other elephant sanctuary in Bali?
    Bali is full of elephant sanctuaries, however the quality of elephant care is not always certain. Mason Elephant Park is the original and has received awards for its ethical treatment of the elephants.
  • Are the elephants treated well at Mason Elephant Park?
    Mason Elephant Park is the first elephant sanctuary to receive the Gold Certification from the Asian Captive Elephants Standards for looking after the welfare of its elephants. In addition it has Gold Accreditation in over 190 areas of criteria including for animal welfare.

Let Me Drive You To The Elephants. 

Ubud Zoo and the Elephant  Safari
Dinner at The Elephant - Ubud

Dinner At "The Elephant" Ubud Bali

At the end of the day, after you’ve seen the elephants, fed the elephants, and rode on the elephants, you may think you’ve seen all the elephants in Bali. But there’s still one more elephant you should go and see: The Elephant Restaurant in Ubud! This restaurant offers scenic views overlooking the greenery and hills of Tjampuhan Ridge: the perfect setting for a dinner at sunset.

The Elephant Ubud prides itself on being a 100% ethical and environmentally friendly restaurant. As such the entire menu is vegetarian made from organically grown vegetables. Based on the slow food movement, all food is locally grown and prepared into a range of delicious salads, snacks, juices and more. For those looking for something sweeter, the restaurant also offers a range of desserts and cocktails using locally grown fruit and produce.

The Elephant Ubud is open from 8am-9:30pm and offers vegan and gluten free options on their menu.

The perfect finale to your elephant tour in Bali!

Elephant Parks And Safaris? Let Me Drive You.