Blue Bird Taxi Bali: The Great Guide For A Ride.

Om Swastiastu! Denis here and I’d like to talk to you about catching a Bali taxi on your next visit. Finding a taxi ride in Bali is very easy as there are taxis everywhere here. There are two options for a taxi in Bali: local taxis and Blue Bird taxis. Local taxis are plentiful but you may have to negotiate a price and ask for the meter to be switched on in order to avoid being ripped off. Blue Bird taxis, on the other hand, have a long-standing reputation for reliability and honesty.

There are several options for catching a taxi in Bali. If you are arriving at Bali airport you can prepay for your journey at the main Blue Bird taxi counter, where rates range from IDR 100,000 for a quick trip to Kuta up to IDR 850,000 to places like Tulamben and Pemuteran that are much further away.

Local taxis are also available just outside the airport. If you are looking at catching a Blue Bird taxi on the street, look for a light blue car with the Blue Bird logo (a dark blue bird inside a light blue diamond) on the side. You may be able to request a taxi to come and pick you up at your accommodation, but the best option for booking a Blue Bird taxi is through the Blue Bird taxi app Bali called MyBlueBird, which is available for Google Play or Apple and will will bring a taxi to wherever you are located.

Whichever Bali taxi service you choose to use, it is best to use a Bali cab for simply getting to your destination but not for sightseeing. If you try to use a taxi for exploring Bali you will end up spending a lot of money due to high fares and the fact that the meter will keep running even during heavy traffic. In addition, your Bali cab driver is not a qualified tour guide and their English skills cannot be guaranteed: they are only employed to get you to your destination and nothing more. If you are only travelling from one place to another, taxis are a great service: otherwise, I highly recommend hiring a private driver for a more in-depth exploration of Bali.

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BLUE BIRD TAXI BALI - Great Guide for taking a taxi on bali
Blue Bird Taxi Service is highly recommended.

Blue Bird Taxi Bali: Cab Service To Go.

Since 1972 the Blue Bird taxi service has been the official taxi company in Bali. Over the years Blue Bird has earned a reputation for being the most reputable taxi service in Bali, and for many return visitors who need a taxi, Blue Bird is the only service they will choose. While some local taxis have been known to charge high prices or even try to cheat passengers by not turning on the meter when driving, Bluebird taxi drivers are known for their honesty and reliability. As such, Blue Bird Bali is the recommended option for catching a taxi anywhere in Bali.

If you are planning to use a taxi with Bluebird, it is well worth learning how to identify one from the crowd of taxis on the street. A Blue Bird taxi in Bali will have a light blue colour, often either a Nissan Almera or Toyota Limo. Each Bluebird taxi in Bali features the Blue Bird logo, a dark blue bird inside a light blue diamond shape, above the light and on the side of the taxi. The taxi will also feature “Blue Bird Group” across the top of the windshield and the company website: - along the side. Once inside the headrest covers should also feature the company logo. Make sure to look for these features whenever choosing Bluebird Bali.

  • What is the best taxi service in Bali?
    Blue Bird Taxi is the official cab company in Bali and has a long tradition and history as the most reliable taxi service in Bali. To go from A to B - BlueBird is highly recommended.

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Bali Taxi Prices - Best Options

What Are The Bali Taxi Prices.

Bali taxi prices depend on where you are catching a taxi from, how far you are going and the type of taxi you wish to use. As mentioned before, some local taxis will not use a meter and will try instead to negotiate a price with you.

If you are traveling locally do not accept any Bali taxi rates over IDR 50,000. Otherwise, it is best to use another taxi.

For taxi prices in Bali, Blue Bird always have the best options. Blue Bird taxi Bali rates usually start with a starting tariff of IDR 7,000, then between IDR 6,500-10,000 per km.

When catching a taxi from the airport, the Bluebird taxi Bali price ranges between:

  • Airport - Kuta
  • IDR 100,000 (7 USD) for Kuta and other areas in south Bali
  • Airport - Ubud
  • IDR 360,000 (25 USD) for Ubud
  • Airport - Tulamben
  • IDR 850,000 (60 USD) for destinations in north Bali like Tulamben

If you are planning on booking a taxi via phone it costs IDR 40,000 minimum even for short journeys. Also, if you plan on having the taxi wait around while sightseeing, it will cost you about IDR 40,000 (3 USD) per hour.

Check your local exchange rates here.

  • What do I have to pay for a cab in Bali?
    Depending on where you want to go, the average price for a cab in Bali is around IDR 7,000 (0.50 USD) per kilometer. When the meter is running waiting for you,. it is IDR 40,000 per hour.

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Where to catch a Bluebird Bali Taxi and what it cost
Check prices first before taking a bali taxi

Be Carefull When Taking A Taxi In Bali.

As mentioned before, not all local taxis in Bali are reliable. Some local taxi companies will try to rip passengers off, turning off their meter and offering inflated prices when they recognise tourists.

Sometimes they will purposefully take longer routes to make the cost of the ride go up even further. Make sure you always negotiate the full price first before taking the taxi. If possible make sure the taxi has a meter that is working before commencing your ride.

I highly recommend that if you take a taxi in Bali that you only go with Blue Bird for their honesty and reliability. If possible try to choose Blue Bird over rideshare apps like Grab or UBER as you will be supporting the local economy with a Blue Bird taxi, plus Grab cars are not allowed in some areas in Bali.

Be aware also that some local taxis will try to trick tourists by using light blue cars similar to Blue Bird taxis. To avoid riding in a fake taxi in Bali make sure the taxi has the official Blue Bird logo on its lights and side as well as branding on its windscreen and door.

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