Bali Car Rental: Top Tips For Your Sightseeing.

I´m Denis a private driver to rent and I’m here to talk to you about the best ways for getting around Bali. There are many amazing sites and locations to visit in Bali, and you will need some form of transport to see them all.

If you are new to Bali, then you can always try going on a tour. This will take you to many of the most popular sites in Bali and include everything such as transport and entrance fees, but your time at each location will be limited and you will not have the freedom to experience as much as you would like.

Another option for sightseeing in Bali is by taking a taxi or through a ride-sharing app like Grab or UBER. These options are great for getting from one place to another quickly and cheaply, but may not be available everywhere in Bali. In addition, taxis and ride-sharing services won’t give you the personal experience that a guided tour can provide. If you are familiar with Bali and only plan on visiting a few locations then this can be a useful way to get around. Otherwise, there are better options for sightseeing on Bali.

Perhaps the best way to get around is with a Bali car rental. There are two options for a car rental in Bali: hiring a Bali rental car yourself or hiring a car rental in Bali with a private driver. Choosing to rent a car in Bali with yourself as the driver will allow you the freedom to explore anywhere you like and for as long as you need. The downside is that getting around can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the location, especially when it comes to narrow and crowded roads, left-handed traffic, unpredictable heavy weather, and so on.

The other option is to hire a private driver with your car rental who will take you anywhere you need to go for a cheap daily fee. We will discuss both these options below.

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Car rental servcie in Bali

Offer For The Best Bali Car Rentals.

If you are looking for the best car rental in Bali, there are a few options available:

  • Avis
  • Avis is a well-known car hire brand who are present at Bali Airport and in downtown Denpasar as well. If you are choosing a compact vehicle you are likely to pay around IDR 930,000 per day of hire while for an intermediate van you may pay IDR 1,200,000 for the same period. A Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Additional Liability Insurance (ALI) is included in the price.
    In many cases they try to upsell more insurance for your car rent in Bali.
  • TRAC Astra Rent A Car
  • Another option for best car rental Bali is with TRAC Astra Rent A Car.
    Like Avis they have a presence at Bali Airport and downtown Denpasar. For an average daily rental a small vehicle will cost around IDR 600,000, a large vehicle IDR 830,000, and a six-seat people carrier IDR 1,130,000. Included in the price is unlimited mileage, free cancellation up to 48 hours in advance, theft protection and collision damage waiver. Full protection cover costs extra.
  • Eazy Car Rental
  • Eazy are a good option for a Bali cheap car rental and are present at Bali Airport as well. This cheap car rental in Bali offers a range of vehicles including minis, economy cars, SUVs, and minivans. A mini car will cost around IDR 500,000 for a day’s hire while a minivan will cost IDR 830,000. Free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance, theft protection, unlimited mileage, and collision damage waiver are included in the price. If you are looking for cheap price rent a car - Eazy Car is a good service to go.
  • Bali Midori Car Rental
  • For a service that offers luxury car rental in Bali at good prices, Bali Midori Car Rental are an excellent choice if you are looking for luxury cars on Bali which are always an eyecatcher but also a good target for car theft. They offer a range of vehicles including smaller ones that accommodate four passengers to vans that can seat eight. For a self-drive luxury car like a Mercedes, it costs  start around IDR 900,000 a day to hire a vehicle.
  • Bali Car Hire
  • Located at Bali Airport, Bali Car Hire offers a range of vehicles for both for self-driving. Small cars cost around IDR 600,000 per day while medium-sized vehicles cost IDR 800,000 per day. There is also the option here for a Bali car rental automatic vehicle at around IDR 730,000 per day. Included in the price is full insurance coverage, unlimited mileage, repair and maintenance services and 24-hour customer service.

Keep in mind that once you, booked ar a car or standing at their car rental booth, they are always try to upsell additional services such as extra insurance and protection, pick up services, GPS etc. for extra charge.

Please check your local exchange rates for renting a car in Bali HERE.

  • What are the costs for Bali car rental?
    Depending on the vehicle you chose the average cost is between IDR 400,000-1,200,000 a day.
  • What’s included when renting a car in Bali?
    Many rental companies will offer a collision damage waiver, unlimited mileage, and basic insurance such as theft protection. In some cases the rental service will try to sell upgrades and up-sells for your insurance or GPS and others.

Rent A Car In Bali With A Driver!

Rent your car in Bali at the airport Denpasar
Self-driving car rental in Bali

Self-Driving: Car Rental In Bali.

You may be wondering if it is worth renting a car and driving it yourself around Bali. There are some important things to consider if you are thinking of a Bali car rental self-drive.

Self-driving will give you the freedom to explore wherever you like on the island at your own pace, and as such will be an attractive option for many. Especially when your are planning to have sightseeing tours every day during the couse of your stay or traveling from hotel to hotel around the island.

If you are picking up the car at the airport and return it when leaving the island, it´s possibly a wise and cheap choice to rent a self-driving car. However, choosing a Bali self-drive car rental has a number of problems you need to be aware of.

Firstly, you will need to have an International Drivers Licence if you plan on self-driving in Bali. If you are caught without one, you may be fined easily IDR 50,000 or more. It is also highly recommended that you know how to drive a manual vehicle, as automatic vehicles are harder to find in Bali if you rent a car.

Secondly, also keep in mind that in Bali everyone drives on the left, as in the UK, Australia and the rest of Indonesia. If your are used to drive on the left you can obviously strike that issue from the list.

Thirdly, another thing to consider if you are planning to rent a car in Bali and self-drive is the traffic situation. Roads in Bali can get very busy and crowded, especially in the main tourist districts. If you are planning to go to the country side or plan to visit sights and attractions outside the city you need to deal with very narrow and winding roads. Combined with heavy rainfalls this can be very stressful to people visiting the island who are not used to these conditions.

Finally, if you are unfamiliar with Bali then getting around can be confusing without a guide, and you may not find any English-speaking locals to help you if you need directions.

  • Should you try self-driving with a rental car in Bali?
    I would recommend you only do this if you are already familiar with the island and know your way around. Even so, I highly recommend you map out exactly where you plan to explore before setting off on your journey.
  • Is it recommended to rent a car for self-driving in Bali?
    If you already know your way around Bali and do not get stressed out by congested traffic and strong rainfalls then you may enjoy the freedom of self-driving in a Bali car rental. Otherwise, it is recommended that you hire a driver.
  • Is it a good idea to rent a car for Bali sightseeing?
    Renting a car is possibly the most convenient way of seeing as much of the island as possible, and is generally cheaper than other transport options. The choice is whether you want to huided and relaxed tour or drive yourself to the destinations.

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