Grab Bali: The Car App To Drive In Bali.

Hey Ho - your´re probably were looking for a fast way to hire a driver in Bali over a mobile app to make your bali travel as easy and cost efficient as possible.
Let me quick introduce myself. I’m Denis, al local balinese driver and tourguide and I’m here to give you some tips about an app you may have heard of called Grab and I will also answer the question, if a Grab driver should be really considered to make your Bali sightseeing tour.

Grab is a ridesharing app that matches you with a hire vehicle or taxi in your area that will take you to your chosen destination. If you are familiar with apps like Uber or Lyft then Grab is exactly like that, but much more popular throughout Asia. That said, does the Grab app work in Bali?

The answer is yes! Grab Bali is hugely popular, even more so than Uber, and finding vehicles with the app is a breeze. In fact, here in Bali Grab was so popular it effectively drove Uber and many other ridesharing companies out of the market! However, there are many local drivers who disapprove of the app, and some hotels will have signs that say “No Grab” out front, so bear in mind where you use it and where you can go with it.

Using Grab in Bali does have certain advantages. Fares can be up to 50% cheaper when you book a Grab car in Bali through the app. Also, Grab does screen their drivers and take passenger safety seriously. However, using a Grab taxi in Bali will not provide you with the same level of experience or satisfaction that hiring a local driver can. So when should you use Grab and when is it better to hire a local driver? Let’s look at Grab in more detail and what it offers.

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Grab Bali App - Does the app work for Bali sightseeing?
Grab Car Bali - How does it work.

How does The Grab App work in Bali?

Booking a taxi with Grab in Bali is a very easy process.

To make a booking with Grab follow these steps:

  • Sign up
  • Sign up with either a phone number or email address using your native language.
  • Payment
  • Choose your payment option. Cash is default when using Grab to rent cars in Bali but you can add credit or debit cards for extra convenience.
  • Pick up
  • To start a booking confirm your departure point (based on your current location) and your destination on the map.
  • Select a vehicle
  • Next, select the type of vehicle you want to travel in. GrabCar is standard and can fit four people, GrabCar+ will be a larger vehicle with more space, and GrabTaxi will find you a regular taxi at a cheap rate. You can also select GrabShare for a shared ride.
  • Verify payment
  • Verify how you wish to pay for your ride as well as any Grab promo codes in Bali you may have. Enter any notes that will assist the driver such as telling them where you are located, what you look like, etc.
  • Cost calculation
  • Depending on your location, your destination, your selected vehicle and how high demand is currently, Grab will calculate your total fare.
  • Take the Grab Car
  • Grab will assign you a driver and show their name, car type, license plate and rating. The GPS will show you how far away they are from your pickup location.
  • Arrived at destination
  • Once your journey is complete the driver will give you a receipt for your ride. You will also have the opportunity to rate the driver and leave a tip.

Grab is available to use for visitors from all countries, although it can perform differently based on the country you download it from.

  • Can I Use Grab in Bali?
    Yes! Grab is very popular and is the main ridesharing app in Bali. While there are some hotels who are opposed to the app, you can use Grab to visit most places in Bali.
  • Who can use Grab in Bali?
    All visitors to Bali can download and use Grab. Keep in mind that other countries will have their own versions of the app that may perform differently. Try and download a version of the app that is in your own native language for ease of use.

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How Safe Is A Grab Car In Bali?

When putting your trust in any public or private transport option, you want to be sure that it is safe. Grab Bali screens all their drivers to make sure they reliable and trustworthy, and all drivers are rated by customers to reflect their service. In addition, Grab offers personal accident insurance coverage when you ride in one of their vehicles, and all fares are fixed so you won’t be ripped off.

While riding in a Grab Car in Bali is generally safe, there are other risks. Locals are divided on the ridesharing app and many feel it is taking away from local businesses. There have even been aggressive actions taken against drivers employed through ride sharing apps. Therefore, it is a good idea to be discreet when using the app and avoid using it any areas heavily populated by taxis, or hotels and other places with “No Grab” signs out front.

  • Is Grab safe in Bali?
    Using Grab is safe as all drivers are screened and are rated by customers according to their reliability and service. However, be aware that as there are many locals who dislike the app, and it is wise to use it discreetly to avoid causing offense.

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Does the Grab App really work for Bali Sightseeing?

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