Waterfalls Bali - A Full Guide To The Best Air Terjun.

Hi - I’m Denis - Om Swastiastu! Let the Gods be with you ... I´m a local Balinese driver and tourguide since many years now and guide tourists across our fantastic island ... be sure I know my country and its sights especially the many beautifull Bali waterfalls.

Here is my in depth Bali waterfall guide for you.

Today I invite you to show you the best air terjun in Bali. What is an air terjun? That’s Balinese for waterfall! Bali is filled with so many beautiful and refreshing waterfalls that it is hard to count them all: more are discovered every year. From popular Bali waterfalls that are easy to reach, to secluded gems that are more challenging to access, there is a waterfall in Bali that will captivate and enthral everyone. With so many to visit it can be hard to choose, so here is my Bali waterfall guide for the best air terjun on the island.

The first thing you should do when you want to visit waterfalls in Bali is decide ahead of time which ones you plan on visiting. There are waterfalls within easy reach of Denpassar and Ubud, as well as ones much further out, so your choice will determine how much time you need to allow, what to bring, and so on. You can easily find the majority of Bali waterfalls on Google maps, and can then use it to calculate travel times and routes.

When visiting any of the Bali waterfalls, make sure to bring the following:

  • Good walking shoes/sandals
  • Tracks can be steep, and rocks can be slippery, so having sturdy, reliable footwear is essential.
  • Insect repellant
  • Waterfalls are found in rainforests that teem with mosquitoes and other annoying insects, so take something to keep them away.
  • Swimming clothes
  • After all that walking, you’ll want to cool off in the waters.
  • Sun protection
  • Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, etc.
  • Extra clothes
  • You’ll most likely be hit with water spray from the falls, so having a spare set of clothes is recommended.
  • Camera with waterproof protection
  • For those amazing shots!
  • Snacks and drinking water
  • Some locations do not offer any beverages or food.

If traveling from Denpasar the closest waterfalls are only 20 minutes away, while if you plan on going further out to waterfalls like Gitgit and Banyumala allow at least 100 minutes for travel.

Many of these waterfalls will require a fee to enter, usually around IDR 10,000-30,000. Many waterfalls are popular spots for swimming and cliff jumping in Bali, but even if you prefer to just soak up the scenery you will be sure to leave satisfied. It is recommended that you put a few days aside to truly experience the wonders of Bali’s air terjun.

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Best Bali Waterfalls - A Full Guide
Balis Top Waterfalls To Visit

Bali’s Best Waterfalls To Visit.

When talking about the best waterfall in Bali it’s hard to pick just one. There are so many waterfalls that could lay claim to the title, but for my money here are some of the most recommended:

  • Tibumana Waterfall
  • Once one of Bali’s best kept secrets, this isolated waterfall near Ubud is gaining popularity with visitors thanks to improvements made by the locals. Around 50 minutes (approx. 30km) northeast of Denpasar, the waterfall is about 20m high and flows into a shallow pool that is perfect for swimming. Entrance costs IDR 10,000.
  • Nungnung Waterfall
  • Situated 900m above sea level in Bali’s central highlands, Nungnung is sits at the highest altitude of all the waterfalls in Bali. The drive from central Denpasar takes 70 minutes (45km) north, followed by a 509-step descent.

    Once you have reached the bottom you will be able to witness the grandeur of this 50m high waterfall. The entrance fee for Nungnung is IDR 10,000.
  • Gitgit Waterfall
  • One of the most accessible waterfalls in Bali, and also one of the most popular, Gitgit is a refreshing spot deep within the lush jungle. The twin falls of Gitgit are 35m high and the pool is a popular spot for swimming. It takes about 100 minutes (70km) heading north to reach Gitgit falls from central Denpasar, and entrance costs IDR 20,000.
  • Banyumala Waterfall
  • The twin waterfalls of Banyumala are not easy to reach but are very rewarding once you get there. Two 40m high waterfalls fall side by side into a large pool which is a popular swimming spot. Reaching the Banyumala twin waterfalls takes about 100 minutes (70km) heading north from central Denpasar. Entrance costs IDR 30,000.
  • Munduk Waterfall
  • Munduk is an easy to reach waterfall, situated 100 minutes (70km) drive north of Denpasar and just a short walk from the nearby carpark. The waterfall itself is 15m high and creates a powerful image as it cascades into the waters below. The area is also home to other waterfalls such as Melanting, Golden Valley and Red Coral, and makes for a beautiful jungle trek. Entrance to the area costs IDR 20,000.
  • Leke Leke Waterfall
  • While not as well known as other waterfalls on this list, this 15m high waterfall framed within a narrow gorge is truly a sight to behold. Leke leke is 60 minutes (40km) north of Denpasar by vehicle. Entrance to the falls is IDR 30,000 and there is a range of activities and facilities available nearby.
  • Sekumpul Waterfalls
  • If you are looking for waterfalls, then why not take in seven at once? Sekumpul is quite challenging to reach, but once there you will enjoy amazing views of these magnificent waterfalls, with the highest being 50m. Sekumpul is about 110 minutes (75km) north of central Denpasar and entrance costs IDR 20,000.
  • Tegenungan Waterfall
  • Not far from Ubud, this impressive 15m waterfall is one of the largest in Bali by volume and also one of the most popular. Tegenungan is just a 35 minute (20km) drive northeast of Denpasar and entrance costs IDR 20,000.

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Things To Know When Visiting A Bali Waterfall

Things To Know When Visiting A Bali Waterfall.

  • Is it allowed to jump from the Bali waterfalls?
    While swimming is allowed at many waterfalls in Bali, not all will permit cliff jumping. One option is Kroya Waterfall, near Aling Aling Waterfall. Kroya is about 120 minutes (80km) north of Denpassar and is a popular spot for cliff jumping.
  • Where can I jump from the Bali waterfalls?
    Kroya Waterfall has three platforms for jumping: 5m, 10m and 15m high. The 5m jump is safe for swimmers of all ages, while the 15m jump should only be attempted by experienced jumpers.
  • Which Bali waterfalls are very crowded?
    Gitgit, Tegenungan and Kanto Lampo are among the most popular waterfalls in Bali, and as such can get very busy during peak times. If possible arrive early to avoid the crowds.
  • What is the best Bali waterfall to swim in?
    While many waterfalls in Bali are great for swimming, some of the most recommended are Gitgit, Banyumala, Suwat and Tibumana.
  • What is the highest waterfall on Bali?
    Sekumpul, Nungnung, and Yeh Mampeh are among the tallest waterfalls in Bali, each around 50m in height.
  • What is the most beautiful waterfall on Bali?
    Once again, many waterfalls in Bali could lay claim to this title, but in my opinion Nungnung, Banyumala and Sekumpul would be at the top of the list.

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