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Sacred Monkey Forest and Other Best Things to See in Ubud Bali.

Ubud and its sights are definitely worth a half-day to a full day trip. This colorful small town is known for its balinese cultural diversity, with its hidden and famous temples, the main street Jalan Raya and its shopping areas all over the place, the many impressive art galleries and the main attraction: the wonderful sacred monkey forest sanctuary with its wild macaques that gather everywhere. 

With my detailed and in-depth article about Ubud I answer all the important questions about this beautiful little town.

Visit Ubud - Sacred monkey forest and other interesting sights
Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest - Watch out the Monkeys are coming

Get Ready for the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.

The Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest is a nature reserve within the grounds of a beautiful Hindu temple, hence its name. The monkey garden, as it is sometimes called, is one of the most popular attractions in the area.

  • What are the entrance prices for the Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud?
    The entrance price monkey forest charges for adult visitors is 80,000 Indonesian Rupiahs which is approximately $6 depending on the exact exchange rate at the time of your visit. Children are charged 60,000 Rupiahs to get in, the equivalent of about $4.50.
  • How much time do I have to plan for the Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud?
    The Sacred Monkey Forest is open from 8:30 in the morning until 6 pm. If you want to see everything that is there, then you will want to spend at least a couple of hours but devoting a whole morning or afternoon will mean being able to take your time. The last entrance is at 5:30 pm but leaving it that late would mean only being able to enjoy a whistle-stop tour.
  • Should I be afraid of the monkeys at the Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud?
    No, the monkeys are wild animals but they are not dangerous unless threatened. Remove sunglasses as they can grab these. Avoid buying bananas to take with you since the macaques will be likely to jump on you if they detect them. If you see a mother with a baby in the monkey garden, then take care since they can be defensive. Other than that, they're fine.
Visit the Temple Palace Ubud - Puri Saren Agung

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Shopping on Ubud´s street art  markets

Shopping at the Wonderfull Markets of Ubud.

The Ubud shopping you can enjoy is some of the best in this part of Bali. Ubud village, the oldest part of the town, has a morning market for local produce, but also a traditional market and a street market, so there is plenty to see and buy. 

  • What is good to shop for at Ubud's markets?
    Souvenirs and handicraft
    s are good things to purchase at the markets. Silk scarves, artworks, lightweight shirts and woven bags or baskets are all popular.
  • Are Ubud markets safe?
    Yes, they are. Ubud village is safe at all times and the markets are particularly so. 
  • Which is the best Ubud market to shop at? 
    Tourists can enjoy themselves at any of the markets but the one that many visitors single out as the best is the traditional market. This is because it offers the greatest amount of choice for the sort of thing most tourists are looking for.
Visit one of the great art galleries and museums of Ubud
World heritage of Bali - The Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Other Interesting Ubud Highlights and Places to Go.

Although Ubud is mostly associated with its monkey forest, its markets, its art scene and its temples, there are plenty more attractions for travelers to enjoy...

  • Bali Swing
    Not for the faint-hearted, the Bali Swing is a visitor attraction which features over a dozen huge swings that you can sit or stand on. Some are as high as 75 metres above the ground!
  • Traditional Rice Terraces
    There are a number of rice terraces worth visiting around Ubud including the famous ones at Tegalalang. They are very photogenic places to visit.
  • The Bali Zoo
    This is a wildlife and conservation area as well as being a more traditional zoo. Bali Zoo is located about 10 kilometres to the south of the centre of Ubud, so car travel is recommended.
  • Goa Gajah
    Famed for its very old carvings, Goa Gajah is a beautiful cave that is often better known simply as the Elephant Cave.
  • The Sunset in Ubud
    Known for the spectacular beauty, the sunsets in Ubud are so often special. Good places for watching the sun go down in the town, including some roof terraces and the Water Temple, to name but two.
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