I'm working on my website due to the Corona Pandemic  in Bali

Corona on Bali: I'm Currently Working On My Website.

Dear website visitor, I am glad that you found my website and clicked through. Now you land on this page and obviously expect something else. Sorry ...

Since the complete lock down of Bali due to the Corona / COV-19 pandemic, our beautiful island is cut off from tourism. This is one of the biggest income for the nation. You probably know that almost all Balinese make their living somehow in the travel industry to feed their families. So do I - as a private driver and tour guide on Bali.

An end and a reopening for foreign travelers is still in question and social help from the Indonesian government is hardly ever given.

So - what can you do best from home? Take the time and beef up and update your website with more information for all visitors planning to come to Bali.

Help Me And Share My Site.

In the meantime ... it would be great if you could support me and share my site on your social networks or support my Go Fund Me.


balidriver Denis